KPI’s that can help improve your e-commerce

Return on investment

Measure the effectiveness of channels pay comparing revenue to marketing spend.

Year over year growth

Measure and compare variations for revenue, conversion rates, average order size, customer lifetime value and more.

Customer lifetime value

Understand the average value of a customer by using total profits, number of customers, and average number of years you retain a customer.

Average order value

Determine the AOV overall and for each important channel.

Conversion rate

Proportion of visits that result in purchases both overall and per channel.

Customer acquisition cost

How much overall are you paying to get customers. This is not cost or conversion

MCC: Total marketing campaign costs related to acquisition
W: Wages associated with marketing and sales
S: The cost of all marketing and sales software
PS: Any additional professional services used in marketing and sales
O: Other overheads realted to marketing and sales
CA: Total customers acquired

Cost abandonment rate

Per each important channel & per total

Search penetration index

How many visits are you getting from all search volume.

Purchase intention

How many users are on your website to buy a product.

Customer satisfaction index

Determined with post purchase surveys.

Net promoter score

How many customers are willing to recommend you to their friends