Experiential learning tool for business training, education and analysis.

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Experiential learning tool

We help participants to practice and improve their business skills, knowledge and ability. Improvement of these three elements leads to improve of business acumen.


Helps participants to develop their learning and honing skills.


Gain business experience through. Both contextual and business knowledge.


Consider the situation, take action, examine the consequences of your action and plan your next steps.


Players and participants can practice their business and decision-making skills with a state of the art online team environment.


Our simulations are web-enabled; so our clients use them to develop Virtual Teams all over the world. The system is easily accessible by players and participants. They simply run it from our website without the need for installation of any software.

Our instructors, who manage your simulation, provide support throughout the process with facilitators and tutors readily available around the clock.



Researches show that business simulations offer an extremely effective learning experience combined with a high degree of excitement. Players and participants are encouraged to explore, test and experience given subject areas, which is very different to traditional teaching methods. We work closely with our clients to explore and develop the best solution for their needs.

Our business simulations are the equivalent of the simulators used in training by students, executives and managers.

Driving Results

Intended Learning Outcomes address:

  • Strategic vision and creative thinking
  • Leadership and team-management skills
  • Consolidation of corporate identity, culture and mutual trust
  • Inter-relationships and interdependence of the different functional areas in business
  • Development of individual knowledge of key functional areas i.e. marketing, finance for non-financial managers
  • Complexity and systems thinking
  • Individual and group decision making skills
  • Group behaviour
  • Interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Identification of relevant information and data analysis skills
  • Presentation skills
Driving Results


Players and participants gain experience from a financial point of view and they do have a different perspective from being a part of the business rather than being an outsider. This gives an insight and ability to be in aligned with the other operational departments. Being proactive in regards to crisis management is amongst the several skills they acquire during the simulations.

  • An understanding of the domains covered by management studies by getting involved in practical decision-making situations.
  • An exposure to some basic management techniques, in the different areas of business management (accounting, marketing, operations, strategy, etc.), and how these areas are closely integrated with one another.
  • An appreciation for the importance of the economic environment and its impact on company performance.
  • An understanding of decision-making in the context of a team.
  • An experience of competition between players/teams/companies.


On completing the simulations players and participants will be expected to be able to

  • Identify the factors which influence overall operational effectiveness of an organization
  • Critically assess the usefulness of business theoretical models in strategic management and business practice
  • Organize and manage teams to ensure overall effectiveness
  • Complete a critical review on the learning and business processes included in the business simulation


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