How to Convert an ePub to Mobi Format
January 14, 2017

Since Kindle cannot read files in the EPUB file format we need to convert it to MOBI file format.

If you are looking for an online converter please go to this site. You can convert file formats such as DOC, PPT, ODS, and PDF.

If you are using Linux or OSX, install the program called Calibre to convert e-books from one format to another. If you are looking for a command line tool KindleGen converts HTML, XHTML or EPUB files to MOBI.

Using KindleGen


$ ./kindlegen mybook.epub

Using Calibre

Installation on linux

$ apt-get install calibre

Installation on mac

$ brew install calibre


Once the package is installed, you can run the command line command such as the following to convert mybook.epub to

$ ebook-convert mybook.epub

If you have a lot of e-books in EPUB file format that you want to convert to MOBI file format, you can do so by running the following:

$ for file in *.epub; do ebook-convert “${file}” “${file%.epub}.mobi”; done

This will batch the files and convert them one by one to a Kindle e-book.