Automate your core business processes and help you ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, fast-track reporting – and so much more.

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Superior ERP Experience

It is designed for helping a company to execute all its business processes. It offers a unified experience to all employees and a superior erp experience for the company.

Stock Management

It contributes to the reduction of inventory costs and holding costs with effective inventory management and control.

P&L Analysis

It provides real-time profit-loss and cost analysis.

Business Decision Making

Production-oriented decisions can be linked to sales-oriented decisions in a shorter time and more effectively, and profitability from production to sales can be monitored in real time. Thus, decision making becomes faster and easier.

Efficiency and Productivity

By providing unified and integrated information, resources can be used more effectively. Thus, more added value can be obtained with less resource usage.

Consistency on Reports

It provides automatic preparation of more accurate and consistent reports.

Real-Time Information

Information is available in real time and end users can easily access the information they need.

Reduction of Operating Costs

It is aimed at reducing deadlines and costs across the enterprise.

Case Study


Customer Issue

  • Comparison of Planned Budget and Actual Budget took place over a month.
  • The reports received from the ERP were manually transferred to the Microsoft Excel program, then manual data entries were made in the Microsoft Excel program, and the production information was tried to be consolidated. In addition to all these, formula errors made in the Microsoft Excel program caused the reports to be incorrect, and the costs could not be calculated correctly.

Action Taken

  • All data was entered into the ERP program. With the click of a button, the planned and actual budget values were turned into a neat report in the desired format.
  • The cost module was activated in the ERP program and the costs were calculated. Project-based reports were obtained. Currently, profitability analyzes can be done correctly and most importantly, they can receive these reports instantly.