Central Database for Mobile Equipments

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The system contains basic information for mobile equipments including serial number, IMEI, import and customs data, colored lists, etc.

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We provide powerful core functionalities for the system.


Core system of the central product information database system


Central Equipment Identity Register System


Agent Browser to provide remote access to the system for executing remote queries.


Trace product to record up&down status of CEIRS


Central Database for Mobile Equipments. The system contains information for mobile equipments including serial number, imei number, import and customs data, colored lists, etc.


NOTE: Below screenshots are only belong to AgentBrowser product for your reference. It does not cover whole IMEI.DB solution.


  • Only registered and active agents are authorized to log in
  • Secure with SSL/TLS Ciphers Support


  • HOME button is to go to IMEI Query page
  • Upload button is to upload IMEI numbers which agent is going to querying.
  • Report button is to get report for agent bases
  • Capture button is to get screenshot of after completing query
  • When click on an any IMEI on the left table, the number is going to be entered automatically to the query page. So it is not possible to make any typo mistake by agents

Import Data

  • Import file should be an Excel File with XLSX extension
  • Each cell format containing IMEI number is Number, not String or anything else


  • Includes the following information: Agent, Query Date, Status, Source etc.
  • Daily query qty per agent
  • Graphical representation possible


  • Data is kept in database on a server
  • Filtering IMEI number possible to get details


  • All details provided by eGovernment is kept in database
  • String parsing is adapted to get Marketing name and Model


  • Screenshot can be kept both in file system or the database
  • Image is compressed with JPEG algorithm

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