Connects people, workflow, and processes to engage across departments in case management and resolution. We improve efficiency with automation that gives agents visibility into the health of customer systems, and tools for performing root cause analyses to deliver preemptive service.



Knowledge base

Developing a knowledge base is time consuming, no doubt. But your investment will be rewarded tenfold when your customers can find answers on their own, lessening the strain on your support team. They also allow for faster onboarding and greater consistency of support.

A knowledge base will also save time when responding to common customer questions. Not only is the customer service team able to quickly answer the question, it also helps the customer learn that there is a knowledge base available to them at any time.

Internally, taking the time to write down how certain issues are handled and how to use different tools will let new team members grow their skills without needing to disrupt the existing team.

Case management

Our solution gives you full Case Management that tracks the progress of each case from open to close.

Fully integrated with CRM via web services, you can see all the activities associated with a case on one simple page.

Opening, assigning, closing and reopening cases are automatically recorded.

With email integration, incoming emails can be set up to create new cases, or be mapped to existing ones.

All cases, emails and activities can be seen within the CRM system via web services, giving you total insight into all the account activity. This means your sales staff can see the status of any open cases before contacting the customer.

Case management
Inventory management

Spare parts inventory management

Whether a maintenance and repair organization (MRO) is internal to a larger business, or providing maintenance services to an external customer, efficient spare parts inventory management plays a critical role in reducing costs and maximizing customer service.

Customer Service Management System collects the information you need for executing effective spare parts inventory management. Following these three tips can help your company more effectively manage spare parts inventory and find the right balance of cost and availability for your needs.

  1. Use ABC and XYZ Analyses to Identify Critical Components
  2. Create Sawtooth Diagrams to Manage Replenishment
  3. Perform Cycle Counts and Train Employees

Reverse logistic management

Any process or management after the sale of the product involves reverse logistics. If the product is defective, the customer would return the product. The manufacturing firm would then have to organise shipping of the defective product, testing the product, dismantling, repairing, recycling or disposing the product. The product would travel in reverse through the supply chain network in order to retain any use from the defective product. The logistics for such matters is reverse logistics.

The Reverse Logistics Cost Equation is an assembly of the key cost components or categories related to the creation, handling, processing and final disposition of a return item. The Reverse Logistics Cost Equation:

Processing Costs + Logistics Costs + Credits/Replacements Cost + Asset Depreciation = Total Reverse Logistics Costs

It is very important to note that a reduction in any one of these Reverse Logistics Cost Equation components goes straight to your corporate bottom line profit.

Logistic management
Tracking management

Warranty tracking management

Our solution manages authorization of returns, generation of Return Material Authorizations (RMA/RGA), and tracking of returns. The solution enables manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate on reducing warranty costs by managing supplier warranties for components and parts.

  • Automate claim processing based on business rules and minimizes data entry by retrieving customer, product, and warranty information automatically
  • Manage a variety of claim types including; standard, extended, parts, and used product warranties, as well as, campaigns/recalls and goodwill
  • Integrate with Financial, ERP and other enterprise systems using standard web services to enable seamless end-to-end warranty processes
  • Enhance business performance, reduce warranty and service contract costs, and improve product quality through warranty analytics, fraud detection and predictive analytics

Service call logging

Deliver great customer service with our customer service software by making sure all requests are dealt with efficiently and nothing gets forgotten. Help desk ticketing system means you can prioritise support requests with customisable SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and real-time response reporting on your dashboard.

The module enables you to speed up your customer response by automating incoming emails and managing the support queue. The powerful reporting system gives insight on closed cases, response times and frequently asked questions.

Dashboard displays the total number of open cases, and cases and staff that need attention, giving you instant insight. And the system’s simple traffic light metaphor shows case status: green, amber and red, as they become more urgent.

Call logging