We are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with niche expertise and have a focus on the latest technologies. We provide efficiency across the PDLC. Reduced time to market and R&D cost optimization are key to the success for us. Since 2008, we have been helping companies achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions.

Company Presentation


Vision, Mission & Values


Transforming human lives through technological innovations.


To become a quality oriented player in the field of enterprise software projects and application integration.


  • Collaborative: Work together
  • Joyful: Happy at work
  • Effortful: Strive for the best
  • Wise: Work smart
  • Solver: Create solutions
  • Perceiver: Make a difference
  • Quality: Do well
Vision, Mission, Values


Service Expertise Business Process Analysis, Data Collection, Data Cleansing, Application Design, Application Development, Data Mining, Data Visualisation, Business Analytics
Domain Expertise CRM, Enterprise Content Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning System, eCommerce, PoS and Marketplace, Business Simulations, Customer Service Management System, Field Sales Management System, Proposal Management System
Industry Expertise FMCG, Pharma, Media, Printing, Hardware and Electronics, Recycling, Food, Construction

Tech Stack

ActiveMQ Android Beats Cassandra D3.js DevOps Docker EclipseLink Elastic Git Glassfish Hadoop Hazelcast Hibernate JasperReports Java JavaScript JavaFX JDBC Jenkins Jetty Jira JMeter JMS JSF Kibana Kubernetes Logstash Lucene MariaDB Maven Microservices MongoDb MSSQL MySQL Nginx Node.js OpenMQ Payara PostgreSQL PrimeFaces REST Qt Quarkus Python Redis SOAP Solr SonarQube Spring Swift SwiftUI Tomcat Vagrant VirtualBox WildFly
Tech Stack

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